Star Wars: The Old Republic

Published Friday 10 May 2013 3:42pm

When I heard SWTOR was becoming free to play I was excited to try an MMO which I never thought I'd get my hands on. It was a hefty 25GB download, but installed with no hassles and has been bug free and stable during play. The game starts like most RPG's with a character creation section. You choose from the light or dark sides, pick from one of the 4 professions, select a race (limited to 2-3 for a free to play player but there are plenty to choose from for subscribers) and finally design your appearance. Not as deep as some of the single player RPG's but still plenty of choices to make your character unique.

The graphics are good, nothing jaw dropping but of good high quality. The voice acting is good and amazingly they have voiced all quests throughout.
The combat is mostly selecting from available skills to unleash your various powers. Sith lightning storms, trooper sticky grenades or bounty hunter rocket attacks offer a bit of variety, but you will probably find yourself using the same few skills over and over.

The game also offers great longevity with each different profession having its own stories and unique quests. I found I wanted to go through all of the tutorial areas just to see the differences between character types.

The Pacific servers are very lightly populated with an average of 30-40 people per area. This has the positive effect of reducing lag but the negative that if you were hoping to see swarms of people you'll be disappointed. If it is the crowd you want to see then you can try the European or US servers which are heavily populated but you must expect higher lag to do so.

As it is free to play I'd highly recommend any fan of MMO's, Star Wars or just Scifi in general to give it a go.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
"Great game, now F2P"
- Star Wars: The Old Republic


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Posted by wharekura
On Thursday 14 Nov 2013 7:56 PM
Great review thank you very much