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Dark Souls III’s...
Dark Souls III’s Latest DLC Gets Launch Trailer

The Ringed City challenges players with new areas to explore, bosses and enemies to take on, as well as new spells and items.
Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 2:31pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 4

Valkyria Revolution...
Valkyria Revolution Gets Western Release Date

The tactical RPG set in the highly popular Valkyria Chronicles universe will be making its way to our shores this June.
Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 10:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | 4

Final Fantasy 15...
Final Fantasy 15 Update out Now, Changes Chapter 13

The update adds Verse 2, featuring an alternative route through the highly contentious chapter.
Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 9:07am | PS4 | Xbox One | 7

Prey - Only Yu Can...
Prey - Only Yu Can Save The World Trailer

Take a look at the sci-fi game’s protagonist, and the different powers, abilities, and weapons they can wield.
Monday 27 Mar 2017 2:10pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC

The Walking Dead’s...
The Walking Dead’s Latest Episode Due This Week

In “Episode 3: Above the Law,” tension within the walls of Richmond continue to grow, and relationships are on the line.
Monday 27 Mar 2017 9:07am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 1

Xbox Live Games with...
Xbox Live Games with Gold for April 2017

Xbox Live Gold members will get access to four games over the next month – two on Xbox One, and two on Xbox 360.
Friday 24 Mar 2017 8:14am | Xbox One | 360 | 11

Wonder Boy 3 Remake...
Wonder Boy 3 Remake Adds New Playable Hero

As well as the original character, you can now play as Wonder Girl – in both HD and retro-sprite formats.
Thursday 23 Mar 2017 2:15pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 5

Resident Evil 7 Gets...
Resident Evil 7 Gets ‘Making Of’ Series

The first in the four-part series features interviews with the producers and directors, talking about their inspirations.
Thursday 23 Mar 2017 1:16pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Modern Warfare...
Modern Warfare Remastered Classic Map Pack Now Available

Arriving first for PlayStation 4, the Variety Map Pack brings four classic stages into the modern era.
Wednesday 22 Mar 2017 1:32pm | PS4 | 7

Nintendo Shows off the...
Nintendo Shows off the Roster for Arms

See characters like Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, and Master Mummy in action, and learn their strengths and weaknesses.
Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 1:41pm | Switch | 2

See Injustice 2’s...
See Injustice 2’s Cheetah in Action

Take a look at the animalistic fighter stepping toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman, and see her finisher in action.
Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 9:51am | PS4 | Xbox One

Sonic Forces Debuts...
Sonic Forces Debuts Gameplay Footage

The short video shows Sonic’s modern rendition running through a linear stage, collecting rings, and using his homing attack.
Monday 20 Mar 2017 9:12am | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 2

Sonic Mania Has Been...
Sonic Mania Has Been Delayed

The throwback platformer is skipping its autumn release window, and is now slated to hit some time in winter.
Friday 17 Mar 2017 1:15pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 7

Prey Trailer Showcases...
Prey Trailer Showcases Alien Enemies

Take a look at the different Typhon enemies you’ll encounter in Arkane’s upcoming sci-fi horror title.
Friday 17 Mar 2017 9:30am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 5

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3...
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gets New Trailer

This cinematic trailer focuses on the relationship between two brothers, and the story that drives them.
Thursday 16 Mar 2017 1:34pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Capcom Announce The...
Capcom Announce The Disney Afternoon Collection

Six classic games will be in the pack, arriving for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this April.
Thursday 16 Mar 2017 9:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 12

Overwatch’s Latest...
Overwatch’s Latest Hero Arrives next Week

Orisa – a tank and protection-based hero – will be arriving to the colourful shooter on March 22, Blizzard announced.
Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 1:58pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Call of Duty: Modern...
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Gets St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

From now until April 3, players will get access to a modified version of the Downpour map, and a holiday-themed weapon.
Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 1:45pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 2

The Legend of Zelda:...
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets Three-part Documentary

See everything from their 2D Zelda prototypes harking back to the original, to UFOs that would steal cattle.
Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 9:00am | Switch | 5

Mass Effect:...
Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Multiplayer in Action

Take a brief look at the characters you’ll be able to choose, and the weapons available to you in Andromeda’s multiplayer.
Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 8:38am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 7

Quake Champions Will...
Quake Champions Will Be Free-to-play

The arena shooter will also feature a traditional for-pay option, giving access to all other characters.
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017 1:54pm | PC | 7

Rocket League Getting...
Rocket League Getting Free New Game Mode

Everyone’s favourite car-based soccer game is receiving the game mode on March 22, introducing an electrified ball.
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017 1:25pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 3

Steven Universe: Save...
Steven Universe: Save the Light Gets Gameplay Reveal

The RPG set in the popular cartoon universe will feature eight playable characters, creator Rebecca Sugar announced.
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017 9:00am | PS4 | 1

Injustice 2’s next...
Injustice 2’s next Character Is Firestorm

WWE wrestler Xavier Woods revealed the new character on his YouTube channel. Head on inside for a look.
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017 8:36am | PS4 | Xbox One

See the Crash...
See the Crash Bandicoot HD Remake in Action

See Crash Bandicoot 2’s Hang Eight stage, which sees the mascot-marsupial deal with his first water level in the franchise.
Monday 13 Mar 2017 2:24pm | PS4 | 25

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