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Remember Destruction Derby? If you don't - shame on you. Its combination of racing and collision-focused thrills resulted in a timeless classic. Now, imagine if you will, that game but driven by the outrageously good (and fantastic-looking) DiRT engine.

That, it seems, is pretty much exactly what the upcoming DiRT: Showdown is all about. This game has the potential to be amazing...

In this clip, we get to see an event from the game called "8 ball". From the press release:

"The stage is a dirty, dusty circuit in the sun-baked Nevada desert where eight racers perform in front of the crowd, taking on jumps and dangerous crossover points as they jostle for position against a backdrop of fireworks and fire cannons. Boost is used to speed through gaps and smash rivals as the drivers -- racing vehicles tuned for chaotic, aggressive racing -- trade paint and crash out as they battle to become the star of the Showdown."

There are three different event types in Showdown: Full-contact racing (like the above), Demolition Derby events (which throw out the "race" pretext and focus instead on survival of the fittest), and something called Hoonigan which centers around stunts and freestyle driving.

Look for it at the end of May - knowing the good people at Codemasters, like we do, we'd expect to see some more media between now and then also; you can look for that right here.


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Posted by nimrod76
On Tuesday 31 Jan 2012 11:36 AM
I am very much looking forward to this, spent far too much time playing Destruction Derby.