Friday the 13th Gets New Game Mode Soon

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More free content is on the way to multiplayer horror game Friday the 13th, courtesy of developer Illfonic. Slated to arrive “soon,” the update will introduce a new mode dubbed Paranoia.

While details are scarce, the trailer does drop some hints. Judging by it – and the name of the mode – it’s likely that one camp counsellor will act as a traitor.

The game’s social media accounts have also been using the #whoisfiVe hashtag, leading fans to speculate that the mode is based around the fifth Friday the 13th film, A New Beginning. Jason Voorhes isn’t the main villain in it; instead it's a copycat killer named Roy Burns.

We’ll keep you updated as more details roll in.

Source: GameSpot,PC Gamer


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Posted by kniteowl
On Monday 30 Oct 2017 10:03 AM
Sounds like a fresh fun concept. I love asymmetrical multiplayer games. The Wii U was such a great console with so much potential for Asymmetrical Multiplayer but was sadly squandered by our beloved Nintendo.... Sigh...
Posted by CloudAxel16
On Monday 30 Oct 2017 6:32 PM
After Evolve failing in the asymmetrical mp market, I didn't expect much from this. But I'm glad its still getting substantial updates. Will need to hope into it soon!