Splatoon 2 Gets New Maps and Weapon, Latest Splatfest Announced

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Nintendo is continuing to support their colourful multiplayer shooter with free content. The developer announced this week that a new map, a new Salmon Run stage and a new weapon will all be arriving.

The new map – Manta Maria – takes players to a moored boat. It will be joining the map rotation this weekend, and will be available in Turf Wars and Ranked play.

A new stage for Salmon Run is available now, called Lost Outpost.

Finally, a new weapon will arrive on next week on September 2. The Bubble Blower allows players to create large bubbles, which obstruct enemy vision and fire. If your team shoots enough ink at it, it will explode in a large area.

The latest Splatfest will also roll out this weekend. Players must choose which superpower they’d prefer: invisibility, or flight.

Source: GameSpot


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