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Mafia 3’s Third DLC Expansion Launches Soon

Runtime: 2:00    Author: mafiagame    Category: Trailers

Publisher 2K and developer Hangar 13 revealed the third DLC expansion for Mafia III. Sign of the Times will features new enemies, weapons, and a slow-mo shooting ability.

Here’s the official rundown, via the press release:

In Sign of the Times, Lincoln is pitted against a deranged and violent group of cultists called The Ensanglante, who are hell-bent on restoring righteousness and order to New Bordeaux through violent rituals. The cult uses a hallucinogenic drug to bend its members to their will, distorting their perception of reality and turning them into killers. When Lincoln discovers The Ensanglante has used Sammy’s bar for their rituals and finds a lone survivor among the terrible aftermath of a brutal ceremony, he vows to protect New Bordeaux from this mysterious new threat in a thrilling 1960s-inspired psychological cat-and mouse game that will push Lincoln’s grip on reality to the brink.

Mafia III: Sign of the Times is set to release on July 26.


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Comments Comments (4)

Posted by RKO_NZ
On Wednesday 12 Jul 2017 4:26 PM
Sorry, but I think this DLC took way too long, along with the other DLCs for this game, as soon as you finish the story, and depending on the decisions you make, you can't go back and re-do things and there's only limited playability, even getting all the collectables doesn't give achievements/trophies, you just get playboy porno mag pictures. I'm sure many have already played this game and either sold/traded/passed on their copy
Posted by Ryzlin
On Wednesday 12 Jul 2017 6:52 PM
I always liked the idea of Mafia 3. Might pick it up at the end of the year when its dropped to $30 or so. The season pass edition is already at $57 brand new.
Posted by AdamC
On Wednesday 12 Jul 2017 7:25 PM
I may grab this when all including dlc drops below $20
Posted by kiwibadboy
On Thursday 13 Jul 2017 1:41 PM
Nice, I was just thinking about playing the through the other two DLC today haha this was a decent game, would recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet :)