Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion Announced

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Blizzard has announced the latest expansion for their card battler Hearthstone. Knights of the Frozen Throne will introduce a bevy of new cards and features, as players “travel to Northrend, where they’ll confront the Lich King and be raised as Death Knights.”

From the press release:

In Knights of the Frozen Throne, players storm Icecrown Citadel, the Lich King’s frozen fortress, in pursuit of the forbidden might of runic magic. Rumour has it the Lich King seeks champions to imbue with the icy essence of undeath: players will soon receive his favour in the form of nine new legendary Hero Cards that, when played, transform Hearthstone’s heroes into fearsome Death Knights, granting frost-rimed armour and modified powers. The Lich King has also decided to bestow players with a new power from beyond the grave: “Lifesteal,” a chilling new keyword, heals players for damage dealt.

The expansion will also introduce 135 new cards, and a series of free missions.

Those not content with merely serving at the Lich King’s behest can challenge him directly in a series of free missions that Knights of the Frozen Throne will offer to all players. Step into Icecrown Citadel in the prologue mission, then venture through the citadel’s two wings as you fight iconic bosses like Professor Putricide and Sindragosa on your way to a final epic showdown against The Lich King himself. After completing the prologue mission, players will receive a random legendary Death Knight Hero Card.

Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne launches this August.


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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Friday 7 Jul 2017 3:21 PM
I think with this people are just going to have to accept Death Knight is not going to become it's own class in Hearthstone.

Still so far the death knight mechanic is interesting as means things like Jaraxxus and Majordomo and oh look Hearthstone finally got it's own version of lifelink. Still with what has been revealed so far... honestly Rexxar was the only really interesting thing mainly because depending how his new hero power works there are some silly combo's. Rest is kind of meh.

Oh well will just watch the next few weeks to see what else comes out for it.