Mistwalker Announce Terra Battle 2 and Spinoff Game

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An issue of Weekly Famitsu has unveiled one of Mistwalker's next projects as Terra Battle 2. in conjunction with Silicon Studios, as a sequel to their 2014 mobile game.

The game will be coming to PC, Android and IOS. No western release was given yet, but the game will be coming to Japan later this year.

Like its predecessor, Terra Battle 2 will be a tiled-based strategy game with "re-designed gameplay". The trailer unfortunately doesn't reveal any gameplay however.

Hironobu Sakaguchi also expressed his hopes to turn the Terra franchise into a long-running one like Final Fantasy. As per the official site:

"I intend to use a similar numbering structure as my past work: the FINAL FANTASY series. Each installment of the "Terra" franchise will have its distinct feel, unique from any other.

Yes, I have become old enough that some call me a "legend," of the industry, but I wish to try and remain an active creator. Until the day I retire, I (secretly) wish to expand the "Terra World" and create 9 experiences. (As I have created 9 installments for the Final Fantasy series.)"

Mistwalker also announced a spinoff to Terra Battle, named Terra Wars. No platforms or release timeframe have been provided yet.

It's unclear whether this was the project Sakaguchi was going to announce tonight, and potentially elaborate on, or if this is an unrelated announcement.

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Posted by Newsboy
On Thursday 22 Jun 2017 3:01 PM
Did the original ever release on NZ mobile stores? I can't find it on iOS.
Posted by Bank
On Thursday 22 Jun 2017 6:09 PM
Darkness? Light? Die?
Can't people just cut Terra some slack for failing his Master exam? Seesh.
Posted by kniteowl
On Friday 23 Jun 2017 11:15 PM
Darn. We need another Lost Odyssey... the shadow hearts style active turn based combat is severely under-utilised...