Insomniac's Spider-man Gets Gameplay Trailer

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A new Spider-Man game was announced to be in development by Insomniac during last year's E3, but it's only now we've discovered how the game plays.

An extensive trailer was shown during Sony's conference this afternoon. It followed the web-slinger sneaking up on goons, to fighting goons, to fighting a mini-boss, and taking on a helicopter.

Stealth appears to play a part in the game, as the first part of the demo had Spidey silencing a squad of mobsters in a construction site. The movement mechanics are reminiscent of the Arkham series, allowing the player to zip up to ledges and surfaces as indicators appear.

The combat also rang a few bells of the Arkham games, with the web-crawler punching and darting from one opponent to the another.

Quick-time events were also prevalent during the many cinematic moments.

No exact release date was given, but the game is confirmed for sometime 2018.


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Comments Comments (12)

Posted by Paorio
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 3:44 PM
Double Spider Man action? This game looks so fluid, it has my attention now.
Posted by Rapidity
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 3:46 PM
The web slinging looks pretty fun, definitely getting excited for another Spidey game!!

Pretty underwhelmed by those QTE's though
Posted by MadDudeHorse
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 4:29 PM
Looks good, a shame I won't be able to play it. Maybe I need to invest in a PS4...
Posted by kniteowl
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 4:50 PM
13 June 2017, 04:29 PM Reply to MadDudeHorse
Looks good, a shame I won't be able to play it. Maybe I need to invest in a PS4...
Price will probably drop to compete with Xbox one x anyway... I love my PS4PRO :)
Posted by Bank
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 5:37 PM
Sucks I won't be able to play this. Once upon a time I would've been all in.
Hope to be able to play the next refined sequel.
Posted by cortez72
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 7:15 PM
That looks glorious! I'm all about this. Hopefully they have some oldschool Spidey outfits to unlock.
Posted by jmduknz
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 8:30 PM
this looks awesome. shame it's not for another year (plus a delay or two) but when it's ready sign me up!
Posted by Romulus
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 8:40 PM
This looks pretty awesome. One of the best trailers I've seen so far from this year's E3.
Posted by Ron
On Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 9:08 PM
I'm the batman, errrrr I mean spiderman.
Posted by sakuraba
On Wednesday 14 Jun 2017 7:51 AM
I couldn't believe how good this looks and the way he moves seems much more like imagined he did when I used to be a comic freak.
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Wednesday 14 Jun 2017 10:58 AM
Looks awesome, definitely has the Batman Arkham game(s) feel to it which isnt a bad thing. Insomniac will do a great job, it will be one of the best super hero games ever made - im calling it.
Posted by Outlaw213
On Tuesday 20 Jun 2017 2:41 PM
Not sure about the gameplay, looks like it has alot of quick time events?