Destiny 2 - 11 Minutes of PvP Gameplay

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Last week we travelled to Los Angeles for the premiere of Destiny 2. In that time, we managed to get our hands on different builds of the game. The one you’ll see above focuses on the new player-versus-player mode Countdown, running on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

For anyone familiar with games like Counter-Strike, Countdown tasks a team with planting a bomb at a designated site around a map. Once armed, the opposing team needs to find and defuse it before it explodes.

We also tried the mode out on the PC version, but video capture was prohibited. For our full thoughts on Destiny 2 at the reveal event, head over here.

Keith travelled to Los Angeles to preview Destiny 2, courtesy of Activision.


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Posted by Outlaw213
On Monday 22 May 2017 8:24 PM
PvP would be a lot of fun if it had dedicated servers!