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Outlast 2 Gets Creepy New Trailer

Runtime: 1:57    Author: redbarrelsgames    Category: Trailers

Developer Red Barrels released a new trailer for Outlast II. Set to arrive this week, the game follows a pair of journalists chasing a particularly grizzly story.

As journalists, you and your wife have a reputation for taking risks and digging into the stories no one else dares to touch, but this time you may have gone too far. Your investigation of a seemingly impossible murder has lead you deep into the Arizona desert, and into a darkness so wicked that no light could ever shine upon it.

No conflict is ever black and white. But once the dust has settled, the victors get to decide who was right and who was wrong. Who is good and who is evil. Human nature pushes us to extremes of violence and depravity, which we then justify by divine inspiration and a promise of paradise to come. Horror rises from desperation and blind faith. Outlast 2 will test your faith, pushing players to a place where going mad is the only sane thing to do.

Outlast II releases on April 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Comments Comments (3)

Posted by robmacd1
On Monday 24 Apr 2017 3:20 PM
This definitely sounds like me, I want it
Posted by ptys
On Monday 24 Apr 2017 7:20 PM
Horror games are just going to get scarier and scarier aren't they. I'm a glutton for punishment :)
Posted by Ryzlin
On Wednesday 26 Apr 2017 5:52 PM
I can't wait to watch someone else play this cause I sure as hell won't be!