Prey Trailer Shows off Guns and Gadgets

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Publisher Bethesda and developer Arkane released a new video, showcasing the weapons, gadgets, and gear you’ll have available to you in their upcoming sci-fi shooter Prey.

From the press release:

In Prey, you’re mankind’s last – and only – hope to stop the Typhon threat aboard the Talos I space station from destroying all of humanity. Along with a wide range of human and alien abilities, you’ll have a full arsenal of killer gear, gadgets and weapons to suit your needs as you take on the alien invasion.

Prey is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5.


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Posted by Gadgetgamers
On Wednesday 5 Apr 2017 2:43 PM
Looks great, have to have a play of this Prey.
Posted by dsinnz
On Friday 7 Apr 2017 7:31 AM
Definitely getting some bioshock feels from this