Whip It Good with King of Fighters XIV’s First DLC Character

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Atlus have announced the first DLC character for King of Fighters XIV. Whip will bring her trademark style to the fighting game on April 4 for $4.99 USD. We’ll keep you updated when New Zealand pricing and dates become available.

The legendary fighters in the THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV have made their stateside debut thanks to a partnership between SNK PLAYMORE and Atlus U.S.A. The vaunted fighting game series, which first made its debut 1994, is entering a new evolution with THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV thanks to series-first 3D graphics and debuting exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console.

 In January developer SNK rolled out a new patch for the game, which delivered a significant visual overhaul. Character textures were updated, and environmental lighting altered.


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Posted by ptys
On Thursday 9 Mar 2017 7:10 PM
Game is looking alot better, although the faces look pretty much identical between characters.