See Mass Effect Andromeda’s Combat in Action

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Developer BioWare and publisher EA released a new video for Mass Effect Andromeda, showcasing the game’s combat. In it, you’ll get a detailed look at the different classes of weapons available, as well as abilities and armour-types.

In a change from the original trilogy, weapon types aren’t restricted by class – meaning you can swap to whatever gun suits the scenario, and to those you’re comfortable with. There are different classes of weapon though, depending on point of origin; Milky Way weapons use ballistics, while others use energy and plasma.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release on March 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Posted by Bunnny
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 1:29 PM
As the first video I've seen for this, I'm sold.
Posted by ericaf95
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 3:46 PM
It looks a lot like Mass Effect 3 gameplay with better biotics and, my personal favourite in any video game ever, jumping. I'm super pumped for this.
Posted by SteveMacNZ
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 5:17 PM
looking forward to playing one game I have been waiting for
Posted by kentnz
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 6:10 PM
This looks really cool!
Posted by ptys
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 6:31 PM
It amazing how much negativity this game cops on YouTube for such a strong showing in most video's. Looks really good, can't waiting to create my character!
Posted by piratemonkey
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 8:04 PM
Ah ..all those combat options
Mostly I'll just stay as far back as possible and try for headshots with the sniper rifle regardless however

Posted by Paorio
On Monday 20 Feb 2017 10:41 PM
God I love bioware, love mass effect, dragon age is ok, and I've just started kotor and wow it's ugly but amazing as hell
Posted by ThatUndeadLegacy
On Tuesday 21 Feb 2017 8:49 AM
Im sad the cover based system is not used as much. now you run out like an idiot and get shot.
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Wednesday 22 Feb 2017 10:41 PM
Yup Im sold. Has all the elements I was looking forward too and hoping for.
Posted by arkwright
On Friday 24 Feb 2017 11:02 PM
Roll on the release of this one, quite a shadow cast by the first three in the series.