Final Fantasy XV Update Trailer

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Square Enix released a trailer for Final Fantasy XV today, highlighting the downloadable content arriving for the game over autumn. You’ll get a sneak-peek at the next big piece of story content too, in the form of Episode Gladiolus, which follows the burly fighter of the same name.

Here are the release dates for each piece of content:

  • Moogle Chocobo Carnival - 24/01 to 20/02
  • Booster Pack - 21/02 (TBD)
  • Episode Gladiolus - 28/03 (TBD)

The trailer ends with a brief snippet of Episode Prompto, which has a tentative release window of June.

Writer Mark MacAulay reviewed Final Fantasy XV, scoring it 9.2. He praised the game's memorable cast of characters, the open world gameplay, and the gripping combat.


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Comments Comments (3)

Posted by czk51
On Wednesday 8 Feb 2017 1:43 PM
I've still not logged in for the MCC, but keen as for the Gladius + other character stories.
Posted by ericaf95
On Friday 10 Feb 2017 9:02 AM
70 hours in and I still haven't finished the main game. Will definitely be picking this up, though!
Posted by thomasammy489
On Tuesday 14 Feb 2017 3:56 AM
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