Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 Overview

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Publisher and developer Square Enix released a new video for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update. Slated for release on January 17, patch 3.5 – titled The Far Edge of Fate – brings a bevy of new content to the MMORPG.

From the press release:

The Warrior of Light will finally be able to scale Baelsar’s Wall, the giant structure that separates the Garlean Empire-controlled territories and the three city-states of Eorzea. Players will return to the dungeon, Sohm Al but exactly why is to be revealed. Additionally, players will receive the next chapter in the Shadows of Mhach storyline, as well as a new primal fight, Zuvan, the final Warring Triad and the next set of exploratory missions.

The patch also tweaks the Party Finder, so players from other worlds can view, recruit, and join parties. However, they will still need to be on the same data centre. For a full rundown of features, watch the video above.

Patch 3.5 is in preparation for the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood, which is set to release on June 20. The expansion will introduce new areas to explore, new exploration options, and the red mage class.


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Posted by Bank
On Tuesday 10 Jan 2017 9:16 AM
I essentially play this game exclusively through Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
Posted by thomasammy15
On Thursday 12 Jan 2017 4:41 PM
10 January 2017, 09:16 AM Reply to Bank
I essentially play this game exclusively through Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
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