Dynasty Warriors 9 Announced

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Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force announced Dynasty Warriors 9 over the weekend. The latest entry into the long-standing Musou series – which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year – promises to change game systems drastically, and take the action to an open world setting.

As Gematsu points out, platforms for the game weren’t announced. The broadcast was presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan’s president Atsushi Morita however, so it’s safe to assume that it’s coming to PlayStation 4.

In an interview with Famitsu, Koei Tecmo’s Masaki Furusawa and Akihiro Suzuki announced that all 83 characters from Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will make an appearance.

Games Talk also picked up some details. The entirety of China is reproduced, but the locations where battles can take place will be limited. Areas like Hulao Pass and Zhongyuan will be recreated in detail. Combat inputs – light attacks and heavy charge attacks – are also being considered for change.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is known a Shin Sangoku Musou 8 in Japan. No release dates have been given, but it’s safe to say that it will come West, given a supporting Tweet from Koei Tecmo’s European branch.


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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Monday 19 Dec 2016 2:09 PM
We'll always down for more dynasty warriors but curious how they are going to do the open world thing. Will definitely keep an eye on this.
Posted by Paorio
On Monday 19 Dec 2016 2:30 PM
I gotta tell my friend about this, he loves these games
Posted by Fraisier
On Monday 19 Dec 2016 3:10 PM
" No release dates have been given, but it’s safe to say that it will come West ", Good news!!
Posted by ThatUndeadLegacy
On Monday 19 Dec 2016 4:47 PM
Cool hope it comes to pc like 8.