Modder Puts Doom on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Runtime: 0:57    Author: diffractive    Category: Trailers

If you thought you’d seen it all with classic Doom – from the hyper-gory Brutal mod, to the Resident Evil 4 one – then the above video is sure to make you scratch your head. A YouTuber by the name of diffractive - b3ll managed to get the 1993 shooter running on a MacBook Pro’s touch bar.

The touch bar replaces the use of the function keys, running the length of the laptop. As is expected, the aspect ratio isn’t ideal for play.

The user hasn’t detailed how he got the game working on the touch bar, but this isn’t the first time fans have ran the game on weird hardware; one user got it working on an Inkjet printer, while others got it running on an ATM.

Source: GameSpot


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Posted by polarbear
On Wednesday 23 Nov 2016 1:18 PM
Too much time on his hands haha