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Dead Rising 4 Combo-Ween Trailer

Runtime: 1:28    Author: xbox    Category: Trailers

Microsoft released a new trailer for Capcom Vancouver’s upcoming zombie-slaying title Dead Rising 4. In it, you’ll see photo journalist Frank West as he gets his holiday outfits sorted, and mows down countless zombies with wacky tools of destruction.

The game’s official store page describes it as an “open world sandbox filled with dangerous new zombies and a million ways to kill them.” If the trailer is any indication, vehicle modification – which was introduced in Dead Rising 3 – looks to play a large part.

Dead Rising 4 is set to release on December 6 for Xbox One and PC. Fitting with its launch date, the game is set during Christmas, and Frank West is stuck Willamette, Colorado – the town where it all began back in 2006.


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