Destiny Gets Halloween Event, Secret Broom Sparrow

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Developer Bungie are in the spooky spirit this month, releasing a Halloween-based event for their loot-driven shooter Destiny. “Festival of the Lost” brings with it a host of unlockables, and is slated to run from now until November 8.

From the press release:

You are invited to explore the newly decorated social spaces and discover the Treasures of the Lost for access to new masks, gear, emotes, consumables, and more.  Players can also participate in multiple quest lines, along with an exclusive quest line found in the Iron Temple, the new social space introduced in Rise of Iron.

As Eurogamer reports, that’s not all that has come with the patch. Players on the Destiny Reddit have uncovered a hidden sparrow in the shape of a witch’s broom. You’ll find it in the Tower on a shelf, just past the Emotes kiosk.

Unfortunately, the Lost Broom will expire when the event ends.


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