Heroes of the Storm Gets Chaotic New Game Mode

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Developer Blizzard announced a new gameplay mode for its colourful MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Titled Heroes Brawl, the mode is slated to release later this month, bringing its own maps and unpredictable gameplay with it.

From the press release:

Play on unique maps with surreal twists and custom rulesets that turn everything you thought you knew about the game on its head. Heroes Brawl offers three kinds of battlegrounds: standard maps with mutators, brand-new arenas, and single-lane skirmishes - all made specifically for Heroes Brawl.

Heroes Brawl is set to release on October 17. Other Blizzard titles like Hearthstone and Overwatch have similar modes too. Check out the trailer above for more details.


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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Wednesday 5 Oct 2016 1:29 PM
Always been a fan of these types of modes and reading a couple of the ideas that are coming such as everyone being Sgt. hammer with thrusters always on and having to capture and hold points to win I'm looking forward to giving these a go.