Yo-Kai Watch 2 Coming to New Zealand this October

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Yo-Kai Watch 2 is making its way to New Zealand shores this October 15, Nintendo announced.

From the press release:

The original YO-KAI WATCH video game introduced people to the mysterious Yo-kai. In Japan, these invisible beings – not ghosts or spirits… just Yo-kai! – are steeped in folklore and based on common concerns that everyday citizens have. If a child misplaces homework or an adult can’t stop babbling at a work meeting, for instance, it’s probably the work of a troublesome Yo-kai.

The 3DS game with roots similar to that of the Pokemon series, is a multimedia phenomenon – spawning its own TV show, toy line, and mobile game too. The game has two versions: Bony Spirits, and Fleshy Souls – each with its own unique set of Yo-kai to find. 


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