New Extreme Sports Title Steep Announced

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Test your skills on the Alpine slopes this December when Ubisofts new extreme winter sports title, Steep, releases to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Also announced for Steep was a beta, in-which registration is now available for players to sign up to for a chance to participate.

Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends. Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide. Go solo or drop in side by side with other players. Record and share the most insane stunts ever captured, then challenge the world to beat your best tricks, ride your custom lines, and relive your most epic wipeouts.

Steep releases in December, 2016 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Registration for the beta phases is available now.


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Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 1:37 PM
I watched this on youtube last night within a interview with the dev. Didnt really grab me, I liked the concept but I think it will give an hour or so of fine but then thats it really... just not sure there is enough to do, seems like they are tacking on some RPG & unlocking elements but dont think its enough to give much replayability.
Posted by toner
On Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 2:13 PM
Looking forwars to an open world snowboard game, especially in first person view.

You could say I'm...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
"Amped", for this game
Posted by tom_nz
On Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 4:57 PM
Has everyone signed up for the beta!? Free game is a free game, even if it's just a taste. will get you there.
Posted by CoffeeAddict
On Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 7:14 PM
Yup signed up to Beta, would mind a modern snowboarding game. Aerial stuff looks interesting.
Posted by Outlaw213
On Thursday 16 Jun 2016 6:17 AM
Why does every Ubisoft game has to be open world?