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Doom Closed Beta Starts April 1

Runtime: 1:16    Author: Bethesda Softworks    Category: Trailers

Bethesda has shared new details about the closed beta test for Doom that was promised to early Wolfenstein: The New Order buyers back in 2014, including the all important start and end times: 3pm NZT on Friday, April 1, until 3.59pm on Monday, April 4.

The beta is available to those who purchased a retail copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order from its first print run, or bought the game digitally before May 26, 2014. Eligible retail copies, and digital purchases for PS3, PS4, and PC will have come with a beta code that will guarantee you access; as long as you've redeemed this (which you can still do), you'll get an email from Bethesda prior to the start of the beta with instructions for taking part. For digital Xbox 360 and Xbox One buyers, beta access is tied to your Xbox Live user account, and you'll get a system notification when it's available.

As you would expect, the beta comes with limited content and features, "to encourage people to play as many matches as possible during the Closed Beta test period."

  • Maps: Heatwave and Infernal
  • Game Modes: 6v6 Team Deathmatch and Warpath
  • Demon: Revenant
  • Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Super Shotgun, Vortex Rifle, Static Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle, and Lightning Gun
  • Power Weapons: Gauss Cannon
  • Equipment: Frag Grenade, Personal Teleporter, Siphon Grenade

The Doom closed beta will be available on PC (through Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can find out more in the beta FAQ.


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Comments Comments (5)

Posted by predatorhunter
On Thursday 10 Mar 2016 10:38 AM
also said on twitter if you were part of the alpha you gain access too. just make sure your build has been updated prior to the 31st of march.
Posted by predatorhunter
On Thursday 10 Mar 2016 10:39 AM
Posted by czk51
On Thursday 10 Mar 2016 11:27 AM
oh great more awesome looking games

i need a bfg bank account ><
Posted by ninja
On Thursday 10 Mar 2016 11:32 AM
Should be good :) Post details once its done!!
Posted by Ryzlin
On Tuesday 15 Mar 2016 8:56 PM
Is times like these that I wish I actually liked wolfenstien.