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Mortal Kombat X Gets New DLC

Runtime: 1:51    Author: WBGamesUK    Category: Trailers

Mortal Kombat fans rejoice, as Warner Bros. have released a new DLC trailer for 2015’s most brutal and bloody fighting game.

Much like the previous one, Kombat Pack 2 will introduce new characters to the roster. The fighters joining the fray are:

  • Leatherface, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He uses a large chainsaw as his weapon – no surprises here.
  • Bo Rai Cho, from previous Mortal Kombat games. He uses a drunken fighting style.
  • Triborg, a new character. He seems to be a combination of the previous cyborg fighters Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke.
  • The Xenomorph, from Alien. Oddly enough, the creature seems to be sporting claws and large teeth similar to Baraka. If we’re going by the movies, then the Alien typically takes on traits of its host, so maybe there’s something more there. Either that or this is just a roundabout way to get Baraka in the game, as he was absent at launch.

No hard date has been given for the pack, but it is expected to launch this year. Buying the pack will also net you the four-armed fighter Goro, and Brazil-themed character skins for characters like Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao.


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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Wednesday 13 Jan 2016 9:40 AM
Well the Xenomorph and Triborg I'm definitely am looking forward to and yes he's got a chestburster fatality. Leather face looks like he'll be enjoyable and Bo Rai Cho... is Bo Rai Cho.