Horizon Zero Dawn Gets New Gameplay Footage

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During Sony's Paris Games Week Press Event, Guerilla Games were on hand to present new gameplay footage from Horizon Zero Dawn. Following the conference a more in depth video appeared on the Playstation Blog EU, with Senior Producer Mark Norris breaking down some of the game's key features.

The footage begins with protagonist Aloy attempting to gather resources from the game's robotic creatures. Norris emphasises the importance of stealth, as Aloy sneaks up to an unsuspecting Watcher. The game's Action RPG roots are presented here, with a damage indicator appearing as Aloy attacks. Norris makes mention of Aloy being on a quest, with one of two tribes tasking her with gathering the important resources contained in the tanks on the back of the machines, which are vital in creating explosive arrows. The game's economy is built around machine parts, making them an incredibly valuable resource.

From here, Norris presents the footage from the conference itself. It shows Aloy setting up a trap with explosive trip wires, which she lures the deer-like Grazers into. The herd-like nature of the Grazers is presented, with Alpha Grazers remaining behind to ensure the rest of the herd can escape unscathed. 

Norris then cuts to the battle with the giant Thunder Jaw. This heavily armoured creature has weak points that can be exploited for quadruple damage, though it is suggested that removing armour to expose these points is difficult. Norris details the role of the Thunder Jaw's back-mounted disk launchers, which can be removed and used against it for heavy damage. The creature's various modes of attack are also shown. Aside from the Disc Launcher and physical attacks, it also possesses a rail gun and mouth laser.

The gameplay walkthrough concludes with Norris promising further footage to come next year. The game is expected to launch some time in 2016 for Playstation 4.


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Posted by wangwei1
On Wednesday 28 Oct 2015 9:58 PM
Looks fantastic!!
Posted by mchumdinghy
On Thursday 29 Oct 2015 11:41 AM
The way Sony is talking about this makes me think that they know this is going to be massive. Looks like a great successor to Uncharted for the flagship franchise on Playstation