First of Three Destiny: The Taken King Livestreams Scheduled for Tomorrow

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Bungie will be holding the first of three planned Destiny: The Taken King presentations on Twitch tomorrow morning, to introduce fans to some of the major changes being introduced for what's been dubbed Destiny: Year Two.

The broadcast starts at 6am NZST on Thursday, August 20, and judging from the above teaser, it will be focused on gear, covering the new Light system, changes to reputation marks, exotic weapon blueprints, new Faction allegiances and associated rewards, and more. 

The teaser, narrated by Nathan Fillion (who plays Cayde-6 in the game), has a lot of new information to share if you pause at certain points to read tooltips:

  • No longer used for levelling, the Light stat is now an average of the Attack and Defence values from all your equipped gear, and increases damage output and defence. 
  • Legendary Marks replace Vanguard and Crucible marks, can be earned through Daily Heroic and Daily Crucible playlists, and can be used to purchase purple gear from Lord Shaxx.
  • The new Faction allegiance system lets players align themselves with one of the game's factions for a week at a time. During that week, all Vanguard and Crucible reputation also comes with rep for the chosen faction, which can be exchanged for faction-themed gear. 
  • Exotic weapon blueprints let players craft exotic weapons, which the interface groups into "Year 1" and "Year 2" categories.

Bungie are planning to hold three Twitch presentations prior to The Taken King's launch on September 15, in order to cover the full breadth of changes coming in Year Two.

Source: Bungie, via Polygon


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