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A new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest expansion pack, Knights of the Fallen Empire, premiered at EA's 2015 E3 Press Conference.

The cinematic trailer gives a brief overview of the lives of twin heirs and their striving to impress a neglectful father. The father's voiceover sets the tone for the trailer, with the boys trained from an early age to become soldiers and utilise their aptitude with the force to do their father's bidding. They construct lightsabers as children and become feared and successful on the battlefield.

The brother wearing white is shown to be grievously injured, and is later shown with a half-face mask and mechanical arm. The trailer builds the tension present in the relationship the twins have to their father. After slaughtering a group of Sith and bringing tokens of the battlefield to their father, they are shunned. Annoyed by the slight, the brother in white leaps to attack. The brother in black intervenes, and in a fit of rage he is killed. The remaining brother gains his father's favour in this moment.

Bioware's Press Release for the expansion includes a number of details on what fans can expect. The expansion will raise the level cap to 65 and even includes a level 60 character to get right into the action. There will be nine chapters available at release, with new content to be added at a regular basis to give players new experiences. The story will have a raft of choices to be made, with Bioware's commitment to dynamic storytelling driving player progression. Bioware also stated that the eight original Old Republic story arcs will be enhanced, delivering increased engagement and immersion in the singleplayer story.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is due for digital release on the 27th of October 2015. EA stated that it will be free to download for all Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers.



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