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After a quick-fire montage of upcoming ID@Xbox titles that played during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Chris Charla, the Director of ID@Xbox, took the stage to talk a bit about the independent game developer program. He explained that the sampling of games shown in the trailer (also listed below) are but a portion of the titles that are working alongside Microsoft and their ID@Xbox initiative.

In the statement, Chris stated that there are more than one thousand independent developers working on Xbox One and Windows 10 titles through the ID@Xbox program. He then went on to introduce four titles that "really show the breadth of experiences that independent developers are bringing to Xbox One". Those titles were Tacoma from Fullbright, Ashen from Aurora44, Beyond Eyes from tiger & squid, and Cuphead from StudioMDHR, and were all given a bit spotlight for the developers to talk about their titles and show off a full trailer - all of which we have talked about at NZGamer.com over the last few days.

With the four showcased ID@Xbox titles already having their own news pieces, I thought it might be nice to highlight and give you a little more information on the titles that only received a few seconds during the conference. The following titles are the games that were shown in the ID@Xbox montage, many of which are brand new titles that released their own trailers during E3 this week, with a few of them even releasing later this year on the Xbox One, PC, and in some cases the PS4:

Rise & Shine
Developers: Adult Swim Games and Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Release Date: Coming 2016
Trailer: Available here

Rise is a small kid of Gamearth, the world where the classic videogame characters live. He finds himself lost in the middle of a war against the Space Grunts, the bald muscular soldiers with big guns that just invaded his world. Only with the help of the legendary gun, Shine, he’ll be able to stay alive and just maybe, incredibly, save his planet from the invaders.

The game mixes pure shooting arcade with the use of different bullets to solve all the situations Rise will find on his path. Think of a more arcadey Another World, also with a very tight relationship between gameplay and story.

The Mean Greens
Developers: Virtual Basement and Code HQ
Release Date: No Date Announced, Coming Soon
Trailer: No trailer available at this time

Take part of history's greatest battle of Green vs. Tan. fight amongst and against other online. Jump, shoot, and roll your way into victory with fast paced objective based gameplay featuring: 10 larger than life environments, 10 objective based battles, vehicle combat (batteries not included), and much more.

The Flame in the Flood
Developer: The Molasses Flood
Release Date: No Date Announced, Closed Beta starting soon
Trailer: Available here

A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators. For PC, Mac, and Xbox One. From the Art Director of BioShock and a team of veterans of the BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series comes The Flame in the Flood.

Travel by foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river as you scrounge for resources, craft tools, remedy afflictions, evade the vicious wildlife, and most importantly, stay ahead of the coming rains. Featuring an original full length soundtrack by acclaimed Alt-Country rocker Chuck Ragan featuring The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin and other special guests.

Phantasmal: City of Darkness
Developer: Eyemobi
Release Date: No Date Announced, currently in Steam Early Access
Trailer: Available here

Procedural Horror like you've never seen before…

Say hello to a new breed of gaming terror!

Completely Randomized Levels: Every room and corridor in the mansion is procedurally generated. From component walls, ceilings, floors, and props. You will never be prepared for what comes next!

Go Insane: The creatures are so horrific that you will begin to lose your very sanity as you fight them.

Improvised Weapons: Defend your life with anything you can find from wooden boards and pipes you rip from the walls. If you're lucky you may find a gun locker, but on each level there will only be one!

Stealth Mechanics: Fighting is a last resort tactic. Sneak past your enemies as much as you can.

Warped Environment: As you play further into the game, the environment will be come progressively more warped!

Keeper of the Light: Make sure you use your light sources wisely - your own torch will sometimes be your greatest liability

The Solus Project
Developer: Grip Games
Release Date: Coming Q1 2016
Trailer: Available here

A single player survival and exploration experience for the Xbox One and PC.

Westerado: Double Barreled
Developers: Adult Swim Games and Ostrich Banditos
Release Date: Available on Steam now. No Date Announced for the Xbox One, more information coming soon
Trailer: Available here

Westerado: Double Barreled is Ostrich Banditos’ homage to Spaghetti Westerns about dirty pasts, consequences and taking a hold of your future. When your family is murdered by a mysterious desperado, you set out into the world to take revenge. Take control of your own fate and that of others, all using your trusty shooting iron. If words aren’t enough to persuade a character, draw your revolver and see what happens. You can shoot whomever, whenever you like. Be an outlaw or a saint, explore the open world, meet a varied cast of characters and decide how you want your revenge story to unfold.

Sword Coast: Legends
 Digital Extremes and n-Space
Release Date: Coming Soon to Xbox One, and PS4. Coming to PC, Mac and Linux on September 8th 2015
Trailer: Available here

Sword Coast Legends presents the most true-to-form representation of classic tabletop adventuring ever realized in a cooperative multiplayer video game. The game's highly innovative Dungeon Master Mode introduces players to an entirely new way to play Dungeons & Dragons with a real-time, active and reactive Dungeon Master in cooperative multiplayer sessions and campaigns.

Outward: The Adventurer Life Sim
Developer: Nine Dots Studio
Release Date: No Date Announced
Trailer: Available here

Outward is an open world RPG that you play alone or with friends, either online or in splitscreen. It's more than just an open world RPG you can play coop though: it is an adventurer life simulator. You live the life of an adventurer, from his or her humble beginnings up until retirement. Your life isn't only about killing monsters and looting: you need to eat, drink and sleep; preparing accordingly before jumping into danger. Everything is meant to feel more real and consequential, while still taking place in a high fantasy universe with magic and exotic creatures.

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition
Developers: Double Eleven and Coffee Stain Studios
Release Date: Coming 2015
Trailer: Available here

Players no longer have to fantasize about being simulated goats in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and or a simulated MMO; dreams are coming true for gamers the world over with this one.

Experience faction warfare between goats and sheep in MMO; warfare so good you’ll think that simulation is an understatement. As either a Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter or Microwave, players embark on highly cerebral quests including “hand me that apple” or engage in an epic quest to lick 10,000 trees. All on your way to level all the way up to 101 – that’s right, not level 100, 101.

For players who wish they were in one of those popular dystopian zombie based TV shows, in real life then look no further! Players can push the physics system beyond its limits and throw themselves – as a goat – into the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Craft anything (as long as it’s one of six weapons) to survive and fight against the undead.

Game 4 (Working Title)
Developer: The Behemoth
Release Date: No Date Announced
Trailer: Available here

Master the destiny of a full cast of tragically unique heroes as you plot a course across an apocalyptic wonderland!

Dogged at every step by a mysterious and power-hungry narrator (Will Stamper, "BattleBlock Theater"), you'll need to rally your troops and steel your wits if you hope to survive a hostile world filled with sinister robots, deadly vampires and brutally adorable cupcake people!

In our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure you'll quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize your fighters, and recruit strange species!

Developer: Capy Games
Release Date: No Date Announced
Trailer: Available here

Below is a descent into The Depths.


ARK: Survival Evolved
Developer: Studio Wildcard
Release Date: No Date Announced for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Currently in Steam Early Access
Trailer: Available here

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, use your skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land. Hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements, while teaming up with or preying upon hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape!

Developer: QUByte Interactive
Release Date: No Date Announced, currently in Steam Early Access
Trailer: Available here

Recruits is a brutal fast paced top down shooter that puts the lives of countless amounts of soldiers in your command. Lead your men to victory and see them progress through the ranks, show them defeat and they will be lost forever.

The players role as a commander puts you in charge of managing a platoon of soldiers during the war. Take men into battle one squad at a time to accomplish your missions, along the way gaining experience and respect that allows you to better equip and customize your soldiers.

Only by keeping your men alive, gaining medals and awards and defeating an overwhelming amount of enemies can you hope to be victorious during this time in history.

Developer: SUPERHOT
Release Date: Currently on track for global release for PC / Mac / Linux and XBox One in Q4 2015.
Trailer: Available here

SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move. With its mesmerising gameplay and unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT aims to finally add something new and disruptive to the FPS genre. See the bullets crawling towards you as you carefully plan your steps and aim your gun. Enjoy the mayhem that is unleashed as you put that plan into motion. Dodge bullets. Take out your enemies. One step at a time.

So that gives you a bit more of an idea of the titles that Microsoft sampled during their ID@Xbox montage that showcased some of the hundreds of titles that are coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Not all of these games are releasing this year, and many of them are already available in early access, but they do show that a wide variety of titles that are coming to the Xbox One.


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Posted by toner
On Friday 19 Jun 2015 12:24 PM
A lot of these games look great! Mean Greens caught my eye during the ID@XBOX segment, and Phantasmal: City of Darkness sounds decent too
Posted by Mattress
On Friday 19 Jun 2015 5:11 PM
Love indies! Westerado is the one that most interests me at the moment!
Posted by Meanvision
On Friday 19 Jun 2015 5:43 PM
Outward sounds interesting if the co op split screen is done well