Tacoma Gets Gameplay Trailer

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Tacoma, the story exploration video games set over 300,000 Kilometers from Earth from the people who created "Gone Home", was given gameplay trailer while on stage at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference.

In the trailer, we see and hear Amy Ferrier as she begins her first day on Lunar Transfer Station, Tacoma, and comes to find it's not exactly what she expected. In Tacoma, players will assist Amy in discovering the story of the remote space facility and the crew that lived there.

An interesting piece of information that I took away from the trailer was that in order to access the door at the end, Amy uses sign language (ASL - American Sign Language) to input her password and confirm it. The phrase she tell the door is "provenance" "command" (or commandment) "451", with a gesture for open. Despite this being a neat feature to see in a video game, nothing with regard to the title's use of VR headsets or motion controls has been announced.

No official release date has been set, and at this stage Tacoma is coming to the Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux in 2016.


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