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Mortal Kombat X Launch Trailer Directed by System of a Down's Bassist

Runtime: 2:11    Author: Mortal Kombat Community    Category: Trailers

With just a week left until the game comes out, Warner Bros. Interactive have released the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat X as part of a final sprint for pre-release hype.

The trailer is part of a multi-video collaboration with the metal band System of a Down, and is directed by the band's bassist, Shavo Odadjian. The trailer is just over two minutes long, showing a montage of in-game footage matched up with a shortened version of System's song Chop Suey!.


"I felt more like I was editing a movie," Odadjian explained in a behind-the-scenes video for the launch trailer. "I kind of forgot that it was a videogame during the edit. Fans of the game are going to love this." He also explained where the song title Chop Suey! came from: "Our label didn't want a song on our album called Suicide, so we chopped 'suicide' in half and got Chop Suey!"

Chop Suey! was also used in a live-action TV spot for the game, which came out towards the end of last month. A subsequent fan edit replaced the music with Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) by The Immortals, a track that has become casually known as "the Mortal Kombat theme song."

Here's the original TV spot:

And here's the fan edit:

Mortal Kombat X comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 14. It's also coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at a later date.


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Comments Comments (4)

Posted by predatorhunter
On Tuesday 7 Apr 2015 11:06 PM
the theme version of the tv spot just suits it so much more imo. i am really looking forward to this game.
Posted by jtbthatsme
On Wednesday 8 Apr 2015 12:32 PM
Nice clip and only 6 days to go until we get to play this bad boy....and get owned probably...i'm going to need a lot of practice.
Posted by Jono91
On Wednesday 8 Apr 2015 5:01 PM
I'm thinking I'm going to have to get this game! It looks so badass! The music is well suited to the launch trailer too. Nice job!
Posted by Bappernz
On Thursday 9 Apr 2015 3:09 PM
Love this trailer, very excited for the game