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PBS, a non-profit American television broadcaster, have released a new video in which various commentators discuss the rise of virtual gaming economies and the wider impacts trade in these items can have on various communities.

"While players of multi-player games are aware of their in-game economies," the clip's YouTube description explains, "their growth and complexity would surprise many outside the world of gaming."

"With hundreds of millions of players around the world, MMOGs' in-game economies generate massive amounts of real dollars (i.e. MILLIONS), and real world economic theories can even be applied to these worlds. Many are now so big that game developers have hired real world economists to help them manage these complex systems."

"But with secondary economies, gold farming and other issues surfacing, are these systems in need of more attention, or even regulation?"

The clip, embedded above, features Prof. Robert Bloomfield, Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Prof. Greg Lastowka, Rutgers University, and Kyle Chayka, Journalist, and can also be viewed on the PBSoffbook YouTube channel.


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Posted by Bappernz
On Wednesday 19 Mar 2014 1:34 PM
very interesting watch, thanks for the heads up NZG
Posted by Locky
On Wednesday 19 Mar 2014 2:18 PM
Interesting stuff. Good to see TV producers looking at the gaming world. Personally, I can't believe nobody has made a doc*mentary about the culture of abuse/trolling/racism/bullying/hate speech/ Death threats etc that occurs over chat frequencies in online gaming. Had a 2 hour run on Black Ops 2 last night and it seemed like every single lobby I entered had someone kid raging out of control in it....