Wreck-It Ralph Movie Features Your Favorite Videogames

Runtime: 2:26    Author: ENTV    Category: Trailers

Somehow, this one slipped under our radar: a new movie from Disney, due out late this year, featuring a washed-up videogame villain and his attempts to find redemption. It's packed full of "cameos" from stars of games like Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Pac-Man, and many more, as well as numerous "tongue in cheek" references to dozens of others - how many can you spot?

Disney have put the "Fix-it Felix Jr." arcade game (the game the titular Ralph hearkens from) up on their website, and it's also available iTunes - but, for some reason, it's not available in New Zealand.


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Posted by phantom
On Tuesday 17 Jul 2012 11:26 AM
This pretty much looks like someone peeked into my brain and made a movie about it. Awesome. It also screams "Reboot" to me, which is a great thing to be similar to.
Posted by PunisherNZL
On Wednesday 18 Jul 2012 7:52 AM
totally agree phantom! this is going to be a friggin sweet movie! duno why u got thumbs down for it? But by "reboot" you dont mean that crappy animated kids show from years ago do you? cos that sucks HARD lol and is nothing like this?
Posted by simcharles
On Friday 24 May 2013 3:47 PM
Still haven't seen it!