Published Friday 27 Oct 2017 10:38am
PlayStation 4

It's no secret that Housemarque has been responsible for some mind-blowingly good incarnations of arcade classics – and Matterfall is no exception

It's essentially a side-scrolling platformer in a similar vein of Gunstar Heroes, however, its unique twist involves a double jump and dash move that is able to stun enemies to weaken them, and also take more damage. And, to a point, it works, the screen filled with gratifying explosions and the techno soundtrack pumping up the adrenaline and the intense onslaught of enemies countered by the invulnerability of the dash. Housemarque elaborates on the weaponry with a series of useful upgrades that increase your firepower, and there are also secondary weapons which are extremely useful.

The only thing Matterfall drops the ball on is the variety of its levels. It has a series of 12 short environments that rarely inspire in the way that Nex Machina did for instance. Also, the controls can take some getting used to, with R1 being used for jump, to allow all your fingers to be ready on the D-Pad or face buttons.

While the game is very short, It does encourage replay in the form of high-score chasing, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're wanting a deep experience.

"A Matter of skill"
- Matterfall


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