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Published Monday 3 Apr 2017 11:50pm | 1
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For anyone who has not yet played Mass Effect: Andromeda, here's my spoiler-free thoughts on it (trying to keep it short, probably won't work lol):

Loved it! Loved the new crew, as much as (and in some cases more) than the ME1-ME3 crew. The banter between them was hilarious, especially when Peebee was involved. She's hilarious, and a total menace! Voice acting of the crew was also excellent, but that's to be expected from BioWare. Some of the NPC's grated a bit, or sounded bored, but they're only NPC's so who cares lol. The people you wanted to be done well, were voiced to a very high quality. I'll admit though, Gil did bother me at times.

The main story was good, I thought. Yes, sometimes predictable, or had been done before, but I was still very engaged by it nonetheless. Kinda made me think of what would happen if you combined episodes of Star Trek, Stargate and Farscape and made a full season out of it. And that's 3 top notch sci-fi franchises to draw from, so please take that as the praise it was intended to be. It does not have the epic feel of the original trilogy. There's no saving all life in the galaxy this time. This story is smaller in scope. But "smaller" doesn't mean "bad". It still felt big, just not the size of goddam skyscrapers.

Gameplay was fun, though I miss being able to control squadmate powers, and having 3 powers of your own equipped at any one time felt limiting, despite how easy it was to change them around. But that jump pack though! Omg, I jumped everywhere, so much fun!

The loyalty quests were superb. Liam's and Peebee's had me laughing constantly. After Cora's, which was the first one I did, I felt such a huge wave of achievement. All the elation being felt on the Nexus, I felt that too. Such a powerful moment!

Facial animations - didn't bother me at all. In saying that, people on the Nexus (particularly Turians, sometimes Krogan) seemed to have been rendered too brightly? They looked pastel coloured, I was not a fan. But elsewhere in the game, no problem.

Was it perfect? No. It has some issues, some of which BioWare have already said they're intending to fix in an upcoming patch. But the problems I had with it were fairly minor, and in no way impacted my overall enjoyment of the game. I disbelieve much of the criticism out there for this game, it doesn't have anywhere near the amount of problems the bandwagon says it does.



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Posted by arkwright
On Friday 28 Apr 2017 5:00 PM
Nice summary. I expected no less from a Te A. resident. With the weight of ME1-3 behind it, this one was always going to be in the "hard to please everyone" bucket.

I chose to ignore the hysteria over facial animations, storm in a teacup IMO. I'm glad I did as the game easily fits my expectation for a ME game. Sure, you can whinge about graphic quality, the aforesaid sprinkling of wood-faced characters et al. but I see these as minor distractions to what is a pretty solid title.