Street Fighter x Tekken

Published Monday 7 Oct 2013 9:02pm
PlayStation Vita

Street fighter x tekken. I played a tekken not sure which one on the ps2.
The positives.

The intro was well detailed and had a kickass soudtrack.

The tekken characters are still awesome.

The graphics are some of the vitas better graphics.

The negatives.

The story is not there just some fights against enemy depending on difficulty idiots or rocket scienticts.

The controls are the difficulty as they are soo hard to control the important features that its impossible to control everything without hours of practice (time that the game was not worth).

The street fighter characters are stupid looking and are meant to be jokes by the looks.

The tutorials DONT HELP not at all its better to spend hours looking at control schemes.

The rest of the music was boring.

Overall this is a very bad game and I can barely play it.

"Street fighter x tekken"
- Street Fighter x Tekken


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Posted by sick_wierdo
On Monday 14 Oct 2013 12:18 PM
Good on PS3, sucks on Vita. I think that's how it goes?