Mass Effect 2

Published Saturday 27 Jul 2013 2:48am

And to think I didn't play these on purpose man I was denying this...that's like saying no to an unlimited supply of games.
You play as commander shepherd an alliance spectre the first human spectre on a mission to defeat the reapers as he stumbles upon a ship from a race called the collectors. The collectors make a massacre of the Normandy and you die. Located by Cerberus a group that protects humanity and unwanted by the alliance they rebuild shepherd and convince him to fight for Cerberus to defeat the collectors.

The graphics for its time were really good the armour shininess omega the weapon special ammo shots overall a good looking game.
If you didn't play the first one you are a total idiot and should play it its amazing too.

All the characters are fantastic there are over 8 characters and they are all good in they're own way. The voice actors are amazing and given an unforgettable script to talk. The Geth are a lot easier to fight and those ghost things are gone which is a relief cause they were annoying. They're are a few appearances from husks a small enemy in the reaper army.

And they're are the collectors a race that abducts human colonies and man are they fun they are like the best enemy ever.
No spoilers but the final mission had me jumping all over the place it was tense I chewed all my fingertips off hoping nobody dies for part 3.

Now this game isn't all ups and downs. One of the side missions are not up to par with the campaign and the game is freakishly difficult.

Overall the perfect game and my favourite game ever.

Mass Effect 2
"Is this that good?"
- Mass Effect 2


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Posted by wharekura
On Thursday 14 Nov 2013 7:59 PM
Really good Review I think I might check this game out :)