Destiny: Rise of Iron

Published Monday 12 Jun 2017 4:29pm
Xbox One

When players thought the year from Vanilla to TTK was hard, it was only a taste of the content malnutrition we would get from TTK to Destiny: Rise of Iron. With it Bungie shocked many and cast away the PS3 and Xbox 360. In many ways this helped the community a lot and even I thought it was mad until Bungie announced 9 out of 10 players were on next gen, which I guess makes it current gen, and the other gen last gen. Confused? Destiny was free, free to do whatever it wanted. But “unofficially” hampered by poor dev tools, Rise of Iron was still a long way from the Destiny’s initial E3 reveal. Turns out the enemy of the good, is the best.

The expansion allowed us to fight to a new social space, and filled out an NPC’s backstory brining a host of new vendors and mechanics. Some say the enemies were just re-skins but the gameplay was enhanced and different. The raid was great, and many areas were re-defined. More Lore was dropped and to be honest, the Outbreak Prime quest, and discovery of it was video game madness.
Followed into the future by what we now have, Age of Triumph, both the story and quests in Rise of Iron, and the final balance changes to gameplay makes Destiny: Rise of Iron and a current state of the game a full circle experience.

Has the Speaker spoken again, not really. Do we know what the Traveller is doing or what happened, no. And did the Stranger return to explain anything, not yet… so the circle of Vanilla Destiny is as broken as the bottom of said Traveller, however the weapons, adventure and experience of a Destiny Player has come 360.

We learnt a lot about Destiny as it unfolded, and in turn Bungie has learnt a lot about us. The hope is that Destiny 2 will be Destiny enough to be true to its roots, but unshackled enough from it’s past to allow us all to move forward. I feel that if Bungie can pull the story into game and bring us the 2013 E3 experience, 30FPS on consoles will be fine. Hopefully Bungie and Blizzard will be able to keep the PC side cheatish free and the community will continue to grow in a positive way. This gamer as nearly 2000 hours and that is on the light side of the coin.

Note: The use of the Jade Rabit might rock this review… but as today, the timed exclusives for PS4 are just actually exclusive exclusives!

For story in game I give it a small dip back but still good,
For engagement in the main Campaign I give it props,
For the endgame, it is still fairly amazing. Its great and the addition of the weekly Raid and all of them at max is great..
With each update came even more Grimoire. And the Rezzyl story is amazballs.
PvP much of a muchness.
For just ROI, I’d only give it an 8, but all in all, the score is for The Collection. This review is for an old game and DLC, but given the D2 hype it may help someone new thinking about getting in in the months ahead of launch. Read the other reviews… Destiny got better. Destiny: The Collection is a fantastic buy, and there is tons and tons of content.

Destiny: Rise of Iron
"8/10 for Rise of Iron in The Collection is a great set of content!"
- Destiny: Rise of Iron


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