Destiny: The Taken King

Published Monday 12 Jun 2017 4:09pm
Xbox One

Luke Smith took Oryx by his a** hat and rode him all the way home meanwhile we were just throwing money at the screen! Destiny: The Taken King brought Destiny up to version 2.0.
Between Vanilla and now, Guardians got to find Crota lurking in the Dark Below the Moon, and tangle with the Reef’s House of Wolves. Skolas Arc Burn in the Prison is probably the hardest Destiny Content by far, but since then the engagement was changed and the burns taken out of rotation. It is fair to say The Dark Below failed to impress and Crota’s End felt rushed, with a side of cheese. House of Wolves marked an improvement in storytelling but Prison of Elders wasn’t the fully fledged Horde Mode the fan base was after. Trials of Osiris changed PvP making Destiny infinitely more streamable.
The Dreadnought brought with it, Dentiny’s 3rd Raid and a whole host of core changes that re-defined the Vanilla experience.
For story in game I give it props,
For engagement in the main Campaign I give it an up and up,
For the endgame, it is still fairly amazing. The Kings Fall raid however is a long grind that is hurt by everything going on and the lag and glitches are the hardest boss to beat.
With each update came more Grimoire.
PvP was greatly improved with Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner changes made it more accessible. PvP gets a If I was Lumie I’d carry your grandparents.
The forever 29 Days (with me rolling 3 Hunters and still no Gally or Helmet but a Vex on my 1st HM raid suckers!) improved with POE, to the point I could run 3 different alts. The Taken King Kept up that improvement.

For what Destiny lacked The Taken King went a long way to fix it. It is also fair to say, Luke Smith (a lead in the designing of Vault of Glass) set up a big improvement for Destiny. The game’s main complaint was still lack of content as die-hard fans were getting into the 1000s of play hours.

To get the most out of this game, clans are still key. With the falling away of many of the OG year one weapons (read Yell at a Horn or get off my team) the LFG sites opened up a bit and the clan base chilled.

This review is for an old game and DLC, but given the D2 hype it may help someone new thinking about getting in in the months ahead of launch. Read the other reviews… Destiny got better. Destiny: The Collection is a fantastic buy, and there is tons and tons of content.

Destiny: The Taken King
"Luke Smith nailed it! Vanilla 2.0 in every way."
- Destiny: The Taken King


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