Published Monday 12 Jun 2017 3:51pm
Xbox One

The Beta for this game was amazing. An instant hit. Upon launch I'd have only given it a 6 but once I got in with a clan, dipped my toe into LFG and got a raid under my belt, wow! If you can take that step, and want to listen to a lore podcast like Focus Fire Chat or MyNameIsByf on YouTube, then it really opens up. The campaign let it down due to the length and lack of in-game engaging story... but it is there. PvP is solid, but oftentimes plagued by lag and a fairly erratic Meta (not helped by Bungie’s whack-a-mole like approach to balance).
For story in game I give it a meh,
For engagement in the main Campaign I give it a meh,
For the endgame, it is amazing. The raid is just phenomenal.

The lore is rich and deep but you have to read it out of game in the Grimoire Cards.

What Destiny lacked however, was filled by what became one of the best, positive gaming communities to date. There were apps designed to track Public Event start times, Item Managers for loadouts, Looking for Group tools, and podcasts galore.

To get the most out of this game, the player really needs a group of clan mates and to not be afraid to get onto the LFG sites with some strangers. This opens up the Raids which as stated, are Destiny’s strong point. If a n00b is willing to raise there hand and say they are a kinder-guardian, there will be a Sherpa willing to take that hand and walk them through it.

This review is for an old game, but given the D2 hype it may help someone new thinking about getting in in the months ahead of launch. Read the other reviews… Destiny got better. Destiny: The Collection is a fantastic buy, and there is tons and tons of content.

"An old review but given potential increased hype for D2, its a review to get on the record."
- Destiny


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