Fallout: New Vegas

Published Tuesday 21 May 2013 8:01pm

Loved the game , its so big huge world to explore and love the quests . I don't have much experience with games so its probably one of the most fun gaming experiences I have ever had, and the fact that you can mod it with amazing mods to make it even better . I have a fort of my own in this game with help of brilliant mods!
I love games like this they are so unique and different .


Im going to be honest I love the fact that you can change from third person to first person when ever you want but the mechanics can be improved on the next fallout , but I love how I can have true iron sights it makes it realistic and overall better also the way you save the game when ever you want and how you can have followers and how a big roll customization is in this game I love to dress my character constantly and I love to adventure to find both unique armor and weapons, and finally the big amount of safe houses you can have.

Not going to lie the graphics are not amazing in fact they are almost the same as fallout 3.

I prefer this story over fallout 3 story cause this time around your actions and decisions actually count and change the prospect of the story.

Overall grate game , specially the pc version cause of the mods.

Fallout: New Vegas
"So much fun"
- Fallout: New Vegas


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Posted by jub-jub
On Tuesday 28 May 2013 8:50 AM
Dress up is my favourite part of any game