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Hi there - I'm the latest member of the team, helping with community events and some forum stuff. Looking forward to meeting with you all.

Been gaming since I was 12, starting with the Sinclair ZX81. Moved through various platforms, including the ZX SPectrum, AMIGA 600, PC (Dos Days), PC (got the first Voodoo 3DFX card in NZ - awesome!), then more recently migrated to the Xbox, and 360, had a Wii for 9 months, and PS3. Doing some IPOD Touch gaming + back into PC, as well as regular Xbox 360 + PS3 gaming.

Enjoy sports including football and tennis. Recently completed Black Belt in Taekwon-Do + started horse riding.

I love doing community gaming stuff and have been involved doing this for a number of years. The crowd here looks cool, and it's a privilege to be around doing community stuff at

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