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So E3 is over and the console wars rage on, Xbox vs PS4 (A hard choice for most) but has the Xbox shot itself in the foot before it even began? with 95% of players choosing PS4 according to IGN it seems Sony are on to a winner. So why has the masses of gamers been split up so much? The Xbox currently has a a strict DRM system which means no trading or playing used games. An Xbox engineer stated "We are doing this to get ready for the future of cloud gaming" but finalised his statement with "Honestly, if you care about anything other then pure games AT ALL. Xbox 1 > PS4. If all you do is play games, and nothing else, PS4." (1)


PS4 are also currently implementing their cloud system which they are hoping will be able to steam games over the net. Therefore making microsoft's point invalid other than them wanting to get rid of the traditional disk method. I for one like having a disk to use as it's something physical that I get for paying my money. I always compare this to buying a CD, some people will always go to their local shop to buy a new single or album as they like to hold and look at their purchase where as others will simply be happy downlading the new song. This is the same for the gaming industry, I prefer holding a physical object for the pure reason I can feel what I bought, also I always seem to run out of room when buying digital downloads especially with an original fatboy PS3. So as long as when the cloud gaming systems finally happen let's hope we have a few TB of space.

Finally on a side note, Kingdom Hearts 3, squeeeeeee!!! Cannot wait.

(1) Read more: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xbox-engineer-reveals-microsofts-true-intentions-with-drm-on-the-xbox-one/37547.html#ixzz2WTCvoHDh

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