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Sup, guys.

Just your regular gamer guy down here in Christchurch. I'm actually 21 years old this time and am currently suffering again in Polytech but it's all cool because I haven't been in the course for a bit.

Please help relieve boredom by selling me rare gaming consoles that I don't have.

Keep on tranglin

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Microvision Console Review

It's finally here! So how did the first handheld console do?
Published Thursday 18 Dec 2008 10:00pm | 14

Gems of Gaming! Part 1

Those rare games that you long to play. Buy them quick.
Published Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 8:43am | 17

Sega CD Attachment Review

The Sega CD. Renowned for it's 'piece of crappery'. But this time I think they're wrong.
Published Wednesday 12 Nov 2008 9:03am | 34


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