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Well I'm Slide.

I belong to the gaming community Evolution Gamers. Its tag is |3G| and we are a mix from around the world. Anyway, I am an Aucklander, not a JAFA! Get it right.

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Has Diablo III Mastered the Piracy Problem?

With the way that Diablo III has sold out almost EVERYWHERE, has Blizzard finally cracked the secret to selling a PC game without pirates undermining their profits?
Published Friday 25 May 2012 5:49pm | 3

Net Neutrality: The New Zealand Debate

Net Neutrality is going to have an affect on the Internet worldwide. What does it mean for NZ??
Published Tuesday 12 Apr 2011 11:35am | 11

The Day Gaming Became a Chore and not a Hobby

Find out how my love of video games died, and came back as a new being!
Published Tuesday 8 Feb 2011 6:48pm | 26


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