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CH33Z3 MAN 15 is online.
I'm a nice guy everywhere except for on xbox.
On xbox I'll be talking smack allll day! If you want racist, vulgar, sexual harrasment or just plain explicit swearing then I'm your man!

I just play CoD.
I own a billion other games and they all last about 10 seconds and then I'm back to it.
Every single night I say "One more game" or "I'm too tired to play" and every night I play well past my bedtime and go to work with red CoD eyes and look like a train has hit me.

I've used all my sick days because I was too tired to go.
CoD is more addictive then any drug, cigarette or poker chip. It doesn't matter if you're old or young, male or female, in a relationship or forever alone. You will be addicted if you watch too long.

AND DJKicks made me fall in love with Misa Campo and I wanna bone her!

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