Nuka-World: The Final Fallout 4 DLC

Published Wednesday 26 Oct 2016 5:32pm | 0
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Nuka-World delivered everything I was hoping for from the final piece of Fallout 4 DLC – it’s fast paced, fun and builds on the best aspects of Fallout 4.

The plot of Nuka-World is pretty simple, after picking up a radio broadcast you find yourself running through a maze only to emerge as the new boss to a raider collective inhabiting what’s left of the Nuka-World amusement park (i.e. more or less Disney world).

What I liked about Nuka-World was the contrast to the the previous DLC.  While Far Harbour focused on plot, mystery and character development to drive the DLC, Nuka World is much more fast paced  and combat focused. The theme park setting let’s you go through different “levels”, each populated by a different type of enemy. From Mirelurks to robots to ghouls to Deathclaws, all the old favourites make an appearance with some new enemies and bosses popping up as well.

The game also introduces a range of new armour, weapons and some unique items (including kick ass new unique Power Armour frames). The assault rifle is a particular favourite of mine as its incredibly versatile, being effective as a semi-automate sniper rifle to an automatic assault rifle.

However, for me the  highlight was the raider gangs themselves and ability to grow a raider empire. You can capture settlements throughout the commonwealth and convert them to raider outposts. What’s great about these outposts is that improvements (i.e. shops, etc.) are independent of the local leader perk. I hadn’t previously spent a lot of time developing settlements, as my characters charisma was so too low to unlock local leader perks.

Overall, Nuka-World is a great expansion to Fallout 4. While I am gutted that it is to be the last DLC, it was a great way to end the game.



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