Far Habour - The DLC we've all been waiting for

Published Thursday 28 Jul 2016 6:05pm | 0
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Far Harbour is the Fallout 4 DLC we've all been waiting for – it’s big, packed with new weapons and armour and driven by a morally ambiguous storyline involving the mysterious factions of Far Harbour.

Far Habour kicks off with a 'missing person’s' case which sees you shipped off to a mysterious island to find a runaway girl. However, things get complicated as soon as you arrive as you find that Far Habour is a mysterious, fog filled island whose fate has become intertwined with the three inhabiting factions – Far Harbour, The Children of the Atom and Arcadia.

While the missing girl is more of a sub plot to get you to Far harbour, the main plot that drives the story is well thought out and full or meaningful moral decisions in the classic Fallout style. While I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I can say that the story is rewarding and I actually played it through a second time to see how a different approach to some of the more morally grey decisions affected the outcome.

Far Harbour itself is quite different to the rest of Fallout 4 – its swampy setting sees you moving from land to water and back again quite frequently. It’s also inhabited by some new and challenging enemies, such as Gulpers who will attack you from the trees, Fog Crawlers which are like armoured death claws and the ‘Hermit Crab’ which is just awesome to fight.

There are also a host of new weapons and armours, some of which are more useful than others.   The highlight for me was the new Marine Recon armour which provides some excellent damage resistance plus very useful stat perks.

Overall Far Harbour delivers exactly what we would expect from a great DLC – a good serving of new content that builds and expands on the original game. I would definitely recommend the expansion for any Fallout fans.


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