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Nuka-World: The Final Fallout 4 DLC

While I am gutted that Nuka-World is the last expansion to fallout 4, it was a great way to end the saga.
Published Wednesday 26 Oct 2016 5:32pm

Far Habour - The DLC we've all been waiting for

Far Harbour is the Fallout 4 DLC we have all been waiting for – it’s big, packed with new weapons and armour and driven by a morally ambiguous storyline involving the mysterious factions of Far Harbour.
Published Thursday 28 Jul 2016 6:05pm

Cross Platform Gaming and Microsoft’s Checkmate

Microsoft's bold move traps Sony in a difficult place - do you lose market share by allowing cross platform gaming or stand in the way of progress?
Published Tuesday 5 Apr 2016 2:39pm | 1


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