SingStar Vol. 3

By: Tristan Clark    On: PlayStation 3
Published: Tuesday 9 Dec 2008 10:00 AM
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The PlayStation 3 versions of SingStar continue to roll out, and much like the titles of Led Zeppelin albums, are unimaginatively named. It also means the track list is selected to be as broad as possible, which brings its own problems - as opposed to something like SingStar Abba, which narrows in on a particular sub-set of crazy people with great efficiency.

I'm not going to waste time on telling you what SingStar is - if you don't know the deal by now, you obviously don't care about the franchise and don't intend to pick this one up. What does matter is the track list, and here's where it gets interesting.

Here are the songs I enjoyed singing: Aerosmith's Cryin', Bowie's Space Oddity, Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, Queen's Killer Queen, and Smashing Pumpkins' 1979. There were others that turned out to be a fun mess, but for me personally, there were only really five highlights I'd go back to. But if you turn to someone else, they're bound to find a completely different five or so songs that tickle their fancy. This makes the Vol. 3 collection great for a casual party where everyone has their own music taste (as our friends often do), but not so good if you're looking to really delve into the lineup through a few pass the mic games.

Of course, the great (or terrible?) thing about the PS3 SingStar is its online store. You can pick up a couple of the songs below from there already, without shelling out for the whole disc. So in theory, you could safely ignore this version completely if the songs you want are online. On the other hand, if you like the majority of this track list, you get 30 songs for the price of about 25 from the SingStore.

Here's the full lineup:

Aerosmith - Cryin’
Amy McDonald - This Is The Life
Barry Manilow - Copacabana
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
David Bowie - Space Oddity
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome - Dance Wiv Me
Fall Out Boy - This Ain’t A Scene… It’s An Arms Race
Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart
Fergie - Big Girls Don’t Cry
Gwen Stefani feat. Akon - The Sweet Escape
Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro
Heaven 17 - Temptation
k.d. lang - Constant Craving
Kate Bush - Babooshka
Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Lionel Ritchie - All Night Long (All Night)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder - Ebony And Ivory
Queen - Killer Queen
Sara Bareilles - Love Song
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Take That - Could It Be Magic
Texas - Say What You Want
The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye
The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go
Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson - The Way I Are
Timbaland feat. OneRepublic - Apologize
Transvision Vamp - Baby I Don’t Care
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

The Score

"Another eclectic collection. "
Rating: PG   Difficulty: Easy   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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On Tuesday 9 Dec 2008 2:37 PM Posted by Kate
I had to google Led Zeppelin to see how their albums were unimaginatively named.

Reviews that encourage education for the win!

(Also I agree with all of the above, while noting that Apologize was incredibly fun to sing even though I only knew one line)
chinaman71 VIP VIP Silver
On Thursday 11 Dec 2008 10:26 AM Posted by chinaman71
why is gameplay and sound so low?? sound is that of the songs! so hmmm.... and its not like you can do anything elsse!!! wait... mayb thats the reason...
Genocide VIP VIP Gold
On Thursday 11 Dec 2008 10:10 PM Posted by Genocide
You know a game's going to be great when it has Dizzie Rascal in it.
On Saturday 13 Dec 2008 11:06 AM Posted by tiamat1990
Why is it taking them so long to get Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love in there. I mean it's on Lips already!!!
chinaman71 VIP VIP Silver
On Monday 15 Dec 2008 3:23 PM Posted by chinaman71
13 December 2008, 11:06 AM Reply to tiamat1990
Why is it taking them so long to get Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love in there. I mean it's on Lips already!!!
im asumming sony is first and formost getting Sony BMG artists as its there partner company hence cheaper. Artists on EMI etc take longer to get signed over rights etc thats why theres only one eminem song in the series!! grrr...
On Thursday 18 Dec 2008 3:48 PM Posted by Moneyshot
They really are going to struggle with Rockband etc now being sold and also that lips game on xbox.
The way to go would be to have contests online and a full international version instead of being lumped in with Aussie etc..were the US package songs were better.